Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I Finally Tried the Milk Paint

I know what you're thinking... "You did what?  You are just now trying milk paint, Nicole?  Have you been hiding under a rock or something?" Look people, this is probably one of the first projects I have gotten my hands on in 2 years. I have had two precious babes in 14 months, so sure, I've had projects. Most of which have consisted of brushing my teeth before bedtime, applying makeup, fixing my hair, and by fixing my hair I mean taking it out of the top knot from the day before and putting it back into a new, fresh top knot, and preparing PB&J's or Pimento Cheese sandwiches 3 out of 5 days of the week for lunches.  These count as projects, right?  

The other day while both boys were sleeping, I hauled this massive auction find outside to finally paint the frame.  I have had this beaut for 2 years.  I'm sorta proud of it, I paid $4 bucks for it at Thompson's Auction house, a local auction here in my hometown.  Just a giant framed canvas painting that no one wanted.  I had been eyeing it since we arrived, thinking it would make the perfect chalkboard. And to my surprise, I was the only bidder.  What is wrong with people these days, y'all?  No one knows a good piece of junk needing a little restoration when they see it? Goodness. 

So, back to the Milk Paint.  I bought a few sample containers a few weeks ago and was itching to test it out.  At first, I'll be honest.  I was thinking, "What is wrong with this stuff?  I think I got a bad batch or maybe it's old?!" Ha!  But as the sun began to dry it, the prettier it became.  It has a beautiful powdery finish, and really goes along with the look I was trying to achieve with the antique frame.

What do you think?

I hope to be chatting with y'all more often.  Life is so full these days...and what a blessing that fullness is! God is so good to His children!

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